Information for seamen

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Yialos Manning ltd is looking for highly-qualified, hard-working, disciplined officers and ratings who enjoy the challenges and during career at sea provide high-quality work to serve the shipping industry worldwide.

You can find out here about current job vacancies which are updated weekly. If you meet the minimum requirements for an available position, we will contact you to discuss the job and you qualifications.

Below you can find the services provided by our company:

  • Candidate registration in the Company’s database.
  • Information of crew inquiry.
  • Familiarization with terms and conditions of work on board the vessel.
  • Verification of legality and validity national and international certificates.
  • English language tests
  • Checking professional skills.
  • Information services
  • Assistance with issuance of seafarer Flag State Certificates.
  • Preparation of documents for US and Schengen visas and receiving of visas for all seaman’s

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